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“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”  John C. Maxwell

To make your opportunities real, your capabilities need to match your opportunities.

Have you tried to develop new habits or reach a goal but find yourself falling back into your ways of doing things or giving up on your goal?

Let's face it, personal change is hard. There are times you will come against old programmes that trigger feelings and habitual behaviours that sabotage the changes that you wish to make.

Our beliefs, environment, habits and self-talk all conspire to keep us stuff in our old rut, our old way of being.

So how do you break out of the rut of the old and free yourself to be, do or have the life you want?

By learning and using some simple tools and methods to make and sustain the changes you want in your life.

If a person advances confidently in the direction of their dream and endeavors to live the life they have imagined, they will meet with success unexpected in common hours.

Use self-hypnosis to start living a life at cause, not at effect!

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” James Allen

Start today with instilling the new thinking of the new you and perform the actions that you reflect the new you.

Self-hypnosis helps by rewiring your brain and sub-conscious mind with the new beliefs, thoughts and habits you are wanting to develop and create lasting positive change in your life.

The neural connections of our brains are wired from the experiences we have as we grow up. Impressions and self-judgements are also captured in the neural connections of our brains. Some of these impressions and self-judgements are unsupportive and hold us back from reaching our full potential.

Replace current limiting beliefs that and mindsets with ones that support and uplift you.

The world is what you think it is......

The above precept from the Hawaiian Huna philosophy says it all - literally. The world is what YOU think it is. No more, no less. We see the world through the filter of our beliefs.

Yes there are many things happening in the world that you have no control over, but it is how you think about and react to them that will determine what your life is like. 

But is it possible to change your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours? And is it simple and does it last?

Yes to all of the above!

It is done through the power of self-hypnosis, the brains natural plasticity and perseverance. Of choosing the thoughts you want to think and then reprogramming your Brain/Mind with those new thoughts.

Self-hypnosis is that powerful.


You can only a much as you that you can change. Each day what you believe is possible and pretty soon you will be surprised at how far you have traveled

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This simple equation, that I refer to as B.A.T.S., helps you to understand the linkages between your beliefs and outcomes you are getting in your life:

B + A + T + S = O©

B.A.T.S.: Beliefs +Actions + Thoughts + Sensations = Outcomes.

All of these elements are in play in your daily life. The Outcomes you experience in your life are the result of the impact of  your Beliefs,  your actions or inactions, what you think about and say to yourself and the sensations you experience that you either move towards or away from. All of these elements drive the outcomes or results you have in your life.

The age old saying - If you do the same things, you'll get the same results. To get different results, you have to change your beliefs, actions and thoughts to begin to change your outcomes and start living a life at cause, not effect.

Firstly you have to believe the above - that changing your thinking will change your outcomes!!!

And you have to own your thinking and beliefs! This is fundamental to any change - Ike - the world is What You think it Is!! It is that simple and that hard!!

Do you know what you are thinking, the automatic thoughts that you have throughout the day, that 'little voice'? Use my "Thoughts Journal" located on my Tools page to record your thoughts and make yourself aware of what you are thinking. It will also show you how much of your time you spend thinking about things you are unaware of!

Our Beliefs are at the root of our behaviours and results in life. Our Thoughts and Actions follow our Beliefs. Sensations also drive our reactions. All together these influence and deliver the Outcomes we experience in our Lives.



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