Hypnosis MP3's & Books

Another way to work with an hypnosis program is with a recording.  Working with the hypnosis products daily helps to reinforce your desired change,  Listen to them either at night just before going to bed or first thing in the morning just before getting up. 

Sound Bite:  

Listening to your hypnosis recording first thing in the morning or last thing at night has been proven to be the most effective time to help embed the changes in your mind.



Books are another good way to continue the work you have started with the hypnosis CD or MP3.  The information and exercises contained in the books help to reinforce the changes on the hypnosis CD or MP3.


There are also various books that will help enhance the benefits of working with hypnosis.


hypnosisdownloads.com have a large range of hypnosis CD's addressing areas like: Self Confidence, Panic Attacks, Relaxation 'Power Naps', Sleep.  They are constantly coming our with new material all the time.  If you want something they don't aleady have just ask them to produce it!