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My journey through the 10 scrolls in "The Greatest Salesman in the World" by Og Mandino. The have created a 300 Day Challenge for myself to read each scroll 3 times a day for 30 days each as laid out in the book.

My objective? To see what changes I can bring about in myself to achieve greater success in what I do in life. Follow my journey through the days and the scrolls




Natural Change With Hypnosis Audio
Now is the time to try hypnosis
Thanks to more and more mainstream celebrity endorsement, hypnosis has never been bigger Everyone is trying hypnosis and spreading the word, and it is becoming widely known as a simple and natural method for deep and lasting change.
Hypnosis is now established i.e. a way to gain access to your mind and reprogram your limiting and negative beliefs, a tool you can use to eliminate these negativities and change for the better. Hypnosis is a simple tool really, and is often way over mystified.
All it really does is put you into a deeply relaxed and susceptible stateof mind, where you can be fed positive suggestions which you will naturally accept. It is because of this that you can make changes more naturally - as your logical, conscious, and often negative mind is turned off, and so you can make changes on a deeper level.
Hypnosis works in two major ways:
Firstly self-hypnosis will penetrate into your mind to change your patterns of thinking.
This varies depending on the area you're pursuing, whether it be weight loss or self-esteem for example. Hypnotherapy would look at exactly how you think about balanced eating, dieting exercise, or meeting new people, socializing etc.|tap into how you think when you think about working out, or eating healthy food, or how you feel when you think about having to meet a new group of people.
It basically swaps your unfavorable patterns of thinking, for optimistic ones - for example, if you see exercising and healthy eating as a chore, it would re-shape your mindset to start to enjoy exercising, and to imagine all of the great things about healthy food.
Or if you worry about social situations, then it would instil within you positive patterns of thinking in this subject - so that you start to look forward to socializing, and make use of a way of thinking where you savor meeting and learning new things about completely new folks.
This is where the change starts. However, the next element is required for much deeper, and genuine, lasting change:
The second way hypnotherapy helps is by switching your core beliefs.
For example, it will identify the beliefs which you'll find holding you back from real change. It'll make you more positive, more confident, and make sure that you truly feel like you actually will change, like you can improve yourself and that you DESERVE change.
Once you have these primary self beliefs, this natural self assurance, and belief in yourself, then real, lasting change will be possible.
Try the power of hypnosis for yourself with these 3 free hypnosis downloads from Natural Hypnosis.
This will give you real experience yourself, completely risk free - these albums are safe and natural, and most importantly they are full, professional quality hypnosis downloads which everyone can use and get benefit from! Just click here to claim your 3 free hypnosis downloads

Raising Self-Esteem
High self-esteem is a critical factor that can positively affect many areas of your life. On the other hand, if you have low self-esteem, it will act as a constant challenge . . . a hurdle you have to jump over each time you want to try something new, a constant force dragging you down.  
While self-esteem can be difficult to change, it's not impossible. We've come up with a few time-tested tips for improving your self-esteem, and feeling better and more positive about yourself on a daily basis.  Here are a few ideas:
* Make a list of things you like about yourself – and refer back to it often. This list should include your successes and achievements, and your positive traits and qualities.  The more you practice liking and accepting yourself, the more things you'll be able to add to the list.
* Surround yourself with people who are loving and accepting. Don't let yourself get dragged down by the negative attitudes of others. Your true friends will like you the way you are.
* Take care of yourself.  Give yourself the care and attention you deserve, whether that means breaking a few bad habits, paying more attention to your physical health and appearance, or taking a break with some relaxing time alone. 
* Do what you love. Find a way that you can shine, using your strengths and talents to the best of your abilities.  Pursuing activities that you're good at is one of the best ways to build self-confidence!
High self-esteem is a powerful motivator and an important predictor of future success. You can get started improving your self-esteem today. 
Core Inner Strength, a hypnosis program developed by Dr. Shirley McNeal, is a fun and easy way to improve your self-esteem. In just four hypnotic sessions, you will discover the life-changing secrets behind experiencing comfort and safety in yourself, raising your self-esteem and self-confidence, and finding your inner strength.
To learn more about Dr. McNeal's program, click here:
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Be the productive, creative, capable person you've always dreamed of being. End procrastination with Productivity Engineering, the audio hypnosis CD program by Dr. Neil Fiore, productivity expert. Published by The Hypnosis Network.


A product I'd totally recommend

By Htrag from Auckland, NZ on 6/18/2012

Pros: Hypnosis, Self Development, Direct, Personal improvement

Best Uses: Stop procrastination, Enhanced productivity, Self Improvement

Dr Fiore gets right to the nub of the problem. Each of the sessions targets key elements that resonated really well with me. I started seeing results straight away. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to make and sustain change in their lives and have struggled with procrastination in the past.


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So What Exactly Am I Changing?

As I work my way through the Paul McKenna hypnosis CD, I have been wondering what exactly “inside” me is being changed?  What am I changing?  We are told that hypnosis & self-hypnosis work directly on the sub-conscious.  OK – so why the sub-conscious & not the conscious?  So I decided to little bit of digging….

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A confession.  I have been trying to do to much.  Listen to too many different hypnosis programs and read too many articles and practice what they say.  The outcome?  Not sticking to the one program and therefore not getting the benefits I should be!  I am now getting back on track.  :-)

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An Update on my Journey

Its been a couple of months since I started using hypnosis CD’s to improve my confidence.  Are they working?  I’d have to say yes.The more I listen to the hypnosis CD and practice the visualisation exercises the more confident I am becoming. :-)

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A New Beginning

Posted on January 5, 2012

Most of us at some time in our lives have tried to make changes.  Changing a habit that isn’t working for us any more, like: not exercising, over eating. Biting finger nails.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve started out with good intentions then petered out after 1 or 2 months and fallen back into the old habit.

What I noticed about myself is that’d I’d consume a book.  Read it from cover to cover, put it down then go and look for another one!  I’d give some of the exercises listed in the book a half-hearted go, but didn’t devote the time I needed to.  I’d put the book on the self with all the other books I’d read on the subject and then go and buy another one and do exactly the same thing!

I’d come across hypnosis some time ago but didn’t really follow it up.

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Why Does Self Hypnosis Work better that going it alone?

As I mentioned in my first post, the use of hypnosis to assist personal change intrigued me.  Why was I getting good results using the Paul McKenna Hypnosis CD where I hadn’t had a lot of success working out of books or listening to other affirmation CD’s by myself in the past?  What was it about the self hypnosis CD or self hypnosis MP3 that was making the difference?  Being a curious soul I decided to investigate this a little more.

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Time & Repetition

Yes time.   Success, or failure, depends on how much time you devote to this change.  Listening to self hypnosis CD’s  or self hypnosis MP3’s requires 30 minutes of your day – if you only listen once a day.  I have found that the more time that I devote to listening to the self hypnosis CD’s & MP’s  the greater the benefit I have got from them.  So if you are serious about making changes in your life then you have to set aside the time to develop the new you – as I have found.  Change doesn’t happen overnight!

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Every day keep pushing play on developing and strengthening the new that will help and support you in achieving your