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There are basicaly to ways to change your brain and influence your mind. One entails learning hypnosis and the process of adding positive programmes to to mind/brain.

The other operates in a completely different way. The alternative method for impacting change in your life is by letting go of the underlying programme. This is by using a technique called releasing. There are a number of different systems written about and available. I have focused on the Release Techique as I have found it to work in a similar way, I believe, as Vipassana.

Below are quick reviews of the Release Technique and Learning Hypnosis from Hypnosis Downloads.



The Release Technique

I was introduced to the Release Technique many years ago. I trialed a free sample of the technique that focused on releasing Fear. I was intrigued. It is similar to Vipassana but different.

The Release Technique programmes tackle changes to our lives from a different angle. That is from releasing the negative programming that we have built up over time. 

Once this negative programming is released (similar to what Vipassana does with sensations), they are gone and have little impact on your life. You are freer to chose your reactions to life, rather than operating on automatic!

One key difference with the Release Technique programme is that you are taught to love and appreciate yourself. Have you ever tried to do this without turing away from the exercise? It is harder than it seems. How about letting go of disapproving of yourself? They are worth the tme asked to be invested in.

Larry Crane takes you through a number of different exercises over 10 CDs and 6 supplimental CD's.

The program comes with a comprehensive handbook with exercises that follow the CD's and that require your effort to complete to get the most out of the program.

As I said above, these programmes tackle the challenges of our beliefs from a different angle to hypnosis or NLP but is an effective system if you apply yourself to it.

Interested in learning hypnosis to help yourself of others? have a course that teaches you hypnosis. It contains over 5 hours of video material as well as a detailed 82 page workbook.

Also included are 7 hypnosis blueprints, 15 videos and 8 bonus hypnosis scripts. 

The makers of the course (Uncommon Knowledge) have been teaching people how to use hypnosis since 1996