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Is there a Secret To Making and Sustaining Positive Change in Our Lives, to Creating New Positive Habits?


The answer to that question is a resounding YES!

I have been studying making and sustaining positive change in ones life for over 30 years. In my journey, I have studied successful and unsuccessful people and businesses, read countless books, tried different techniques and asked why?

Why do some people succeed in making and sustaining positive changes in their lives and why do some people struggle to maintain the change they desire?

I have studied hypnosis, self-hypnosis, NLP, psychology, philosophies (including Huna), brain science, neuro plasticity, genetics as well as business change, and human education and learning processes. All provide clues to how we are able to make and sustain change in our lives.

You can make and sustain change in your life - if you want to and believe that you can.

It all starts with a Belief......A Belief that we can change our lives, by changing our thinking,

If we adopt that belief, then the work begins.

And that is the key - rewiring our brains for success and happiness!

Neuro science has proven that the connections of our brains are plastic - that is they change. More importantly, we can direct that change in the wiring of our brains!

Yes, you read the correctly - we can consciously direct the rewiring of our brains neural connections.

Our world and our actions are governed by our beliefs, thoughts and behaviours. Some people would agree with this statement, and others would argue that this statement is not true. From study, self-observation and the observation of others, I have concluded that our individual worlds are a function of what we think and believe. It reflects our beliefs and expectations. 

Successful people think themselves successful - unsuccessful people think themselves unsuccessful.

Successful people expect success - unsuccessful people normally expect failure

Rich people think themselves rich - poor people think themselves poor.

Rich people expect to have more money - poor people expect to not have enough money

Some people think they can, others think they can't

We create limitations in our daily lives -  like I'm no good at that - like computers to other tasks in our work

So, can one change their thinking, their beliefs, their behaviours.....and create lasting positive change in their lives???

As I have said, the answer is - YES They CAN!!!

So how does someone go about doing that?

By replacing the current limiting beliefs that exist in both the Conscious and Subconscious Mind with ones that support and uplift you using self-hypnosis.

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Do your beliefs stop you from learning something new or achieving your goals?


Learn Self-Hypnosis to install new, positive beliefs to help you learn that new skill you've always wanted to do!!




The world is what you think it is......

The above precept from the Hawaiian Huna philosophy says it all - literally. The world is what YOU think it is. No more, no less.

Yes there are many things happening in the world that you have no control over, but it is how you think about and react to them that will determine what your life is like. 


But is it possible to change your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours? And is it simple and does it last?

Yes to all of the above.. 

It is done through the power of self-hypnosis, the brains natural plasticity and perseverance. Of choosing the thoughts you want to think and then reprogramming your Brain/Mind with those new thoughts.

Self-hypnosis is that powerful.



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This simple equation, that I refer to as BATS, helps t understand the linkages between our beliefs and outcomes in life:

B + A + T + S = O©

BATS: Beliefs +Actions + Thoughts + Sensations = Outcomes.

All of these elements are in play in our daily lives. Your Beliefs will drive your thoughts and actions. This in turn drives your outcomes.

The age old saying - If you do the same things, you'll get the same results. You have to change your beliefs and thinking to begin to change your outcomes.

Firstly you have to believe the above - that changing your thinking will change your outcomes!!!

And you have to own your thinking and beliefs! This is fundamental to any change - Ike - the world is What You think it Is!! It is that simple and that hard!!

Do you know what you are thinking, the automatic thoughts that you have throughout the day, that 'little voice'? Use my "Thoughts Journal" located on my Tools page to record your thoughts and make yourself aware of what you are thinking. It will also show you how much of your time you spend thinking about things you are unaware of!

Our Beliefs are at the root of our behaviours and results in life. Our Thoughts and Actions follow our Beliefs. Sensations also drive our reactions. All together these influence and deliver the Outcomes we experience in our Lives.