Self Hypnosis
About Us

Self Hypnosis Resource is a on-line site dedicated to personal growth / change through changing beliefs and subconscious programming with self-hypnosis.


I have been interested in personal change for many years.  I have helped a number of people through some of the learning that I share on this site.


In my journeys and searching I have studied many different systems and techniques.  I have found that self-hypnosis is a great tool to make break-through changes because it acts directly on the subconscious. My aim is to help you by providing information on and a selection of self-hypnosis products plus information on the Mind, the Brain and some of the latest insights from the world of neuro science. I also couple this with some of the other insights gained from other philosophies that will help you make the changes you are seeking.


We have searched and put together, what we think is a great selection of quality self-hypnosis programmes, hypnosis books and information on hypnosis.  Whether you are looking to make a change in a single area of your life or to many areas, we are sure you will find something to help you.


Our goal is to provide informative information and a limited selection of hypnosis products, hypnosis MP'3, and hypnosis CD's as well as how to use the products for best effect.


We are customer service driven and are eager to hear from you, whether it is a comments, suggestion and/or questions .  Our cone-mail address is or simply select Contact Us and use the form